Creating a future for children in Africa together

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We are Smile for Children e.V., a non-profit organisation based in Paderborn, which is dedicated to the care of 60 children in an orphanage in Kenya and the support of single mothers and their children in vulnerable situations.

Together with our dedicated local team, we ensure that children have the chance of a carefree childhood, educational opportunities and a self-determined future.

Thanks to our voluntary work, your support can create maximum impact on site.

By following us on social media, checking out our gallery or contacting us through our contact form, you can stay up to date on current developments in Kenya, our projects and see what impact you are creating.

Waisenkind in Afrika zeigt den Daumen hoch für die Spende

Our team in Germany

Whether we are presenting our NGO at events, organising sales stands or the joint team barbecue - our team of dedicated volunteers combines fun and commitment!

Together, we are committed to our projects in Kenya to support children and single mothers and give them the opportunities they deserve. Here in Germany, we inform people about our projects in Africa through various campaigns and collect donations by selling handmade products from Kenya or Germany.

But that's not all! At our annual meetings and our team barbecue event, we discuss new project developments and have lots of fun together.

We are primarily involved in Paderborn and Bielefeld, but are also happy to welcome members who would like to get involved in other parts of Germany or worldwide!

Ehrenamt in Paderborn und Bielefeld - gemeinsam für unsere Projekte in Afrika

Our team in Kenya

Our projects would not be possible without the local team! Lindy, the manager of the orphanage and our local projects surrounding community outreach and development, is the heart of our partner organisation. No matter what time or day of the week, she is there for the children of the orphanage, organises acute help for families in need, creates training opportunities for single mothers and much more!

During regular visits of our German members in Kenya, we discuss current developments and develop new projects together to further strengthen the community and thus create the greatest possible impact.

At Smile for Children e.V. we work hand in hand - so we can create maximum transparency and impact.

Gemeinsam schaffen wir in Afrika viel für Kinder und alleinerziehende Mütter

The work of Smile for Children e.V.

In addition to covering the basic care of the orphanage, our NGO members have been ensuring that the children have access to education and prospects since 2018. We also run a preschool, where we teach children from the orphanage and 60 children from the slum. Educational sponsorships ensure support for these children as they continue their education.

Our Women's Empowerment Projects also create training and sources of income for single mothers. This enables us to support the community where help is needed most.

As a voluntary organisation based in Paderborn, Smile for Children e.V. does not spend any money on administrative costs. **All income that the organisation receives from donations is used locally in Kenya in our projects.

Spenden nach Afrika werden transparent verwendet - Besuche in Kenia sind daher wichtig

Transparency and reliability

Through regular visits on site, we ensure transparency and the serious handling of donations so that your donations can have the full impact for the children in Africa.

We are also CAF-certified for our responsible handling of donations. Thanks to external audits and our high transparency standards, you can be sure that your donations really reach the children.

Support Smile for Children e.V. today and help us offer our children in Africa a safe childhood and prospects!

Ihr Patenkind in Afrika lernen dank Ihrer Spende in der Schule für eine hoffnungsvolle Zukunft

Insights into our orphanage

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