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Auntie Tanja in Kenya

In July our NGO member Tanja visited our children in Kenya. The close cooperation between our NGO members and the local team is very important to us - and the children were super excited about auntie Tanja's visit!

School uniforms for our pre-school

In January 2023, we were able to set up two classrooms on our property, where we are currently teaching our pre-schoolers as well as some children from the slum, who would otherwise not have any access to education. Thanks to an amazing donation of recycled school uniforms from Attenborough School in Sennelager, we were now finally able to equip our children with uniforms! How exciting! Thank you so much for this great donation!

Auntie Michelle in Kenya

This week Michelle is visiting our team in Kenya. Besides doing community work in the slums of Nakuru with the team on site, she is organising our widow project together with Lindy, working on our school project and spending some time with our children. The kids even went on a trip to an amusement park, what a fun surprise!

Easter 2023

Happy Easter from QK Children's Home! Our children had a great Easter.

Christmas 2022

It was a wonderful Christmas! Thank you to everyone who contributed to it! Some of the children have never received a present before! And the food was amazing, too. We are unbelievably happy and grateful!

Our children in the local newspaper

Exciting news for our kids! Today, the Neue Westfälische newspaper reported on our project. We are happy to hear from anyone who would like to join our voluntary team. Feel free to get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you!

Lake Nakuru National Park

Last weekend we were able to go on a very special trip with the children - thanks to the donation of an educational sponsor. A bus took them to the nearby Nakuru National Park. Thanks to the tour guide, there was also time for questions about wildlife in Kenya. What a great excursion for all!

Visitors from Germany

This week, Stefan and Michelle are on site at the orphanage. Among organizational tasks, networking with locals and planning fun activities with the children during their holidays, they are working on fun and interesting content with the children. Sounds interesting? Then stay tuned!

Building the kitchen and dining hall

We are grateful that thanks to the amazing donations, the construction of our kitchen and dining hall is now continued to replace the old cooking area soon! In a short time the house will be ready. How wonderful!

Day of the African Child

For the International Day of the African Child, our children were allowed to participate in the Nakuru County parade today. We are so proud of them! This year's theme: Eliminating harmful practices affecting children.

Always looking for solutions

This week the school bus was late! That's why Lindy spontaneously decided to drive the children who go to Premier Academy to school in her car - so that they wouldn't be late for school! Improvisation is the key!

Holidays at QK Children's Home

Last week uncle Joao visited the children in Kenya. Together they painted a map on the wall surrounding the orphanage: do you guys know where Kenya is located?

14 years of QK Children's Home

What an exciting day! On the 14th anniversary of the orphanage, all the children celebrate their birthday together, as they do every year! Happy birthday, dear children of QK Children's Home!

An update on our education project

We are happy to announce that all education sponsorships have now been fulfilled! This week, some of the children graduated from pre-school. And we wish Jane, James and Alex good luck for their upcoming primary school final exams next week!

"Fun Day" at school

We have some winners!
Last week our children at Premiere Academy participated in the Fun Day at school, where they did different sports activities and even brought home some medals! What a great day! Congratulations, well done!

Thanks, dear Lions!

Thanks to the great support of the Lions Club Paderborn-Drei Hasen we were able to cover the ongoing costs for the months of February and March! We are grateful and relieved at the same time!

Back to school in 2022

We made it to 2022!
The wonderful children of the orphanage are back at school again; we are thrilled to say that thanks to the amazing education sponsors and the donations gathered over the last few months we have been able to cover the school fees and the supplies necessary for the children for the time being.

Christmas 2021

This year's Christmas was a very special one at the orphanage! Thanks to a donation from our NGO member Sandra the children were not only able to enjoy a wonderful Christmas meal but also received little Christmas presents.

Building a chicken house

Thanks to the donation of the Rotary Club Paderborn we were able to build a chicken house and buy 50 chickens. The chickens are supposed to provide the children with eggs soon! Many thanks to the Rotary Club Paderborn for their support!

Painting the wall

A fresh coat of paint gives our wall that special touch!

Building a wall around the land

In order to protect the children from strangers and wild animals, we started building a wall around the land soon after finishing building the main house. Thanks to the support of the Lions Club Bonn-Beethoven we were able to finish building the wall in June 2021. We thank the Lions Club Bonn-Beethoven for securing the safety of the children!

Returning to school in January 2021

After being closed for almost a year, the schools are finally reopen in January 2021 and the children are able to return to school! What an exciting day for the children, who enjoy learning and missed their school friends a lot!

Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020 at the new home: Even though the house is not perfect and a lot of work still lies ahead of us, this Christmas is one filled with gratefulness and hope. Thanks to the donors we were able to provide a Christmas meal for the children as well as school material and uniforms. Thankyou to everyone who made this possible!

Building the watertank

Thanks to the donation of the Leo-Club Paderborn a watertank was built on the land, which enables the orphanage to collect rain water below the ground. It is one step towards the sustainable water supply of the orphanage. Thank you, dear Leo-Club!

Moving into the new house

The day has finally arrived: the children are finally moving into the new house on their own piece of land! It is a very special day for the children. Even though the house is not complete yet, it marks the beginning of a new chapter: the children have a permanent home now.

Building the house in November 2020

During the months of October and November a house was built on the land in order to provide a roof over the heads of our children on time for moving day.

Building the house in October 2020

In September of 2020 we received a letter by the landlord of the house, in which he demanded that the children should move out in October. Out of necessity, we started building a house on the land outside of Nakuru with very limited funds and combined forces.

Building the sanitary house

August 2020 also marks the beginning of the building process of our sanitary house on the land.

Visiting the land

On the 22nd of August 2020 Lindy took the youngest children of QK Children's Home on a little trip to the land, where they were able to romp around and enjoy the day.

A daytrip in summer

When the pandemic reached Kenya in the beginning of 2020, schools were closed all across the country and remained closed over the whole year. This led to the children having to stay on the small rented property, where they still lived, for months at a time. Thanks to a donation the children were able to go on a small daytrip on the 13th of August 2020. What a wonderful day!

Harvest 2020

In August 2020 the vegetables were harvested.

Harvest 2020

In May 2020 different vegetables were planted on the land.

Sanitizer donation

The beginning of the Covid-19-pandemic led to a rising demand in hygienic measures. Thanks to a sanitizer donation by a local company these demands were covered as much as possible at the orphanage. Thanks!

Easter 2020

This year the children got to paint Easter eggs and had a special Easter meal. The children loved painting their Easter eggs and enjoyed their easter meal.

Buying the land

Thanks to the unremitting efforts of a friend of the orphanage a piece of land was bought outside of Nakuru in August 2019, which would provide enough room to build a sustainable house for the children in the future.