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You would like to realize your own project in Africa and are still looking for project ideas and a partner who will support you from finding the right project for you to implementing it?

Whether as donation by your service club, corporate donation, private donation or much more: We offer a selection of projects of different price ranges for which we are still looking for sponsors!

Since our work is voluntary, you can be sure that your donation will be 100% forwarded to Africa, where a local and experienced team of the NGO in Kenya is in charge of the project implementation. We offer maximum transparency through regular visits from our NGO members and work closely together with the local team.

You will receive regular updates on your project, which you are welcome to use for your press, website and social media communication.

Waisenkind in Afrika zeigt den Daumen hoch für die Spende

Proper paving for the orphanage

Stumbling blocks, mud and huge puddles currently make up the front part of the property of our orphanage during the rainy season. In order to help out here, the rear part of the compound was already paved for the children last year.

Since during the rainy season half of the property is flooded in mud and puddles, the already small space the children have on the property to play is cut in half. Also the way to the sanitary house is muddy and tedious for our children.

In order to finish the project "paving of the compound" now and to offer the children enough space to play and romp and move freely on the property - even during the rainy season - we are looking for a strong partner!

Total cost: 3600 €

We are happy to come by for a presentation of the project on request and offer marketing material for your own project!

Ihr Projekt für das Waisenhaus in Afrika kann die Bepflastern sein

Support a family in need

Through our outreach project you can support single parents who are struggling to care for their children. Often being widowed and having no support system, these single parents struggle to provide for their children - and supervise them at the same time.

A 50€ donation can support a single parent and his/her 3 children for a whole month!

Through your donation, our local team can provide the following products for the family: Sugar flour, cooking oil, beans,salt, charcoal and rice.

Your (monthly or one-time) donation will make a huge impact for the families.

Kind in Afrika freut sich über Spende für Familie

Helping us provide for 60 children in Africa

Through a donation (monthly or one-time) in the amount of your choice, you can help us provide for the 60 children living at the orphanage if you wish.

The total monthly costs are as follows:
1 ) Staff (3 educators, a cook, a security guard, a social worker and a cleaner): 570€
2 ) Water: 120€
3 ) Food: 500€
4 ) Firewood: 15€
5 ) Gas: 15€
6 ) Soap, nappies, body oil & sanitary products: 115€
7 ) Medicines: 125€
8 ) Miscellaneous: 40€

Total cost: 1500€

Your donation can be used specifically for individual cost shares (e.g. water, medicine, etc.) or added to the general costs.

We are happy to come by for a presentation of the project and offer marketing material for your own project!

Spende an ein Waisenhaus in Afrika

Major project: A help center for the community

Every child who ends up in an orphanage because he or she was abandoned due to destitution is one child too many!

That is why we try to support destitute families from the slum where we can. As often as possible we bring food donations to single mothers. In addition, we teach children from the slum in two preschool classes at our school in order to create access to education for them.

But we want to help more:
Currently, our space on the property is very limited. In order to provide sustainable support, we want to build a community center on the property next to ours.

Our plans for the property:
Classrooms and care rooms for children from the slum, counselling rooms for families, a training center, and a tailoring shop that will empower single mothers to create their own income while their children are cared for.

Total cost: 250 000€ (including 2000 m2 of land).

We will be happy to come by for a presentation of the project upon request and offer marketing materials for your own project!

Ein Großprojekt in Afrika

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