Give double joy with your donation gift

Still need a good idea for a gift? How about giving a donation as a gift?

With a donation gift you give double joy by bringing a smile to the face of a child in Kenya!

We will personalise the donation certificate with the name of your loved ones and the occasion of your choice.

Simply fill in the form below, transfer the desired amount with the subject "Donation gift" to our donation account and we will issue the donation certificate to you within 48 hours after receiving the payment!

A gift that creates an impact

Through your donation gift, necessary costs such as sanitary products, water and medicine can be covered at the orphanage. At the same time, you save yourself a trip to the shopping centre and can simply give away the donation certificate either digitally or printed out.

Get a great and sustainable gift for your loved ones, no matter what the occasion.

Waisenkind in Afrika zeigt den Daumen hoch für Spendengeschenke oder Spendengutscheine

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