Become an education sponsor and change lives

Would you like to have a positive impact on the future of a child? Become an education sponsor and support the education of your individual sponsored child with Smile for Children e.V..

At only 20€ per month you can cover school fees, school materials, school uniforms and a daily warm meal. Give a child access to an education, social participation and prospects.

Patenkind in Waisenhaus in Afrika profitiert von Bildungspatenschaft

Simple and effective help

The way to becoming a sponsor is quick and easy:

  1. Get in touch with us via our contact form.
  2. We assign you an individual child from our orphanage or pre-school.
  3. If you agree, you can set up a monthly transfer for 20€.
  4. You will receive a sponsorship certificate and we keep you informed about the development of your sponsored child.
Ihr Patenkind in Afrika lernen dank Ihrer Spende in der Schule für eine hoffnungsvolle Zukunft

Your support makes a difference

As a sponsor we offer you:

  • Maximum transparency: Through regular updates we let you know how your help is changing the life of your sponsored child.
  • 100% impact: Thanks to our voluntary work, your donation can be completely forwarded to Kenya and thus have the full impact there and make a lot more of a difference for your sponsored child.
  • Control and flexibility: You retain full control over your sponsorship and can stop the order at any time by informing us.
  • A special gift: A sponsorship is also a valuable gift for occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. We are happy to issue sponsorship certificates for gift recipients.

Get in touch via our contact form today and we will assign a child in need to you, who thanks to you will receive an education and prospects.

Die Kinder des Waisenhauses schreiben Patenbriefe

Contact us now for your individual sponsorship!